Pets, Pandemic & Carpool

This school year, masked students were good natured about having their temperatures taken each day in the carpool line. Temperature-takers were given the opportunity to meet family members, including the four legged and stuffed variety! Thank you for helping to keep our school community safe!


On August 8, at 7:30 pm, The Buzz Magazines is hosting a special free screening at Back to School Buzz Night at Studio Movie Grill City Centre. The film will be followed by a discussion about growing up in the digital age.

This award winning film delves into family discussions and struggles over social media, video games, and academics; offering solutions to help children, and adolescents, navigate the digital world.

If you missed the screening that School of the Woods sponsored last year, you have another chance to see this compelling film.

We highly recommend that you and your children over the age of 9 take advantage of this opportunity.

For details and to make reservations (required), see