Woods High School Senior Thesis Presentations 2022

Senior Thesis is both a culmination and a commencement. It represents the culmination of our seniors’ work, giving students the opportunity to apply interdisciplinary knowledge to original research, which means that all that the students have learned and experienced will be brought to bear on their final paper. Senior Thesis is also a commencement, the start of work the students may continue in the years ahead. The goal of Senior Thesis is to afford students the opportunity to do lasting, meaningful work that they will continue to pursue at the university level.

The final paper is 20-40 pages in length and consists of two parts: a literature review that puts the students’ unique questions in the context of the history of thought and current research, followed by an original thesis, in which the students pose their own solution to the question they have been asking. In this process, students are reminded of library procedures, techniques of computer research, compiling references, and methods for finding, evaluating, and recording material.

Students become familiar with the major writers and works within their particular area of research. Students also work with experts in their field or subject of interest in the Senior Internship, which is closely coordinated with Senior Thesis to provide for one-on-one guidance with a mentor. As a final “examination” and celebration, students present their thesis to the school community.

Following are the titles of the 2021-2022 Senior Thesis Presentations:

“The Nighttime, Sniffing, Sneezing, Coughing, Aching, Fever…and There’s Still No Cure: Despite Breakthroughs in Medicine, Why Are There Still No Cures for Common Diseases?”

“The Future of America: What Criteria Must be Met to Avoid the Tipping Point of Political Polarization”

“Why Aren’t Alternative Treatments Used in Psychiatry More Often?  A Story of Industry Overreach, Controversy, and Misunderstanding That Managed to Control an Entire Field of Study”

“Human Impact on Marine Life: The Relationship between Humans and Marine Life has Worsened Since The Ice Age”

“Recipe for a Serial Killer: Manufacturing an Environment to Remove the Possibility of Creating a Killer”

“Breaking Physics: The Future of Quantum Mechanics and Its Impact on Everyday Life”

“The Nature of Reality: Implications of Non-Duality of Quantum Physics”

“The Human Need: How Humans’ Innate Creativity is the Origin of Art”

“Is 3D Bioprinting the Future of Surgery?”

“CrypNOcurrency: An In-depth Analysis of the Speculative Nature and Long-term Viability of Cryptocurrency”

“Posters for the People: How Graphic Design Impacts Activism and Social Justice”

“A House Divided: Why the Nature of 21st Century Activism Necessitates Structured Movements”

“Breaking the Limits of Leadership: The Cultural Transition of Women from Cubicle to Corner Office”

“Bach and the Fugue – What Makes Bach’s Fugues So Special Using a Proto-Thematic Perspective, Schenkerian Theory, and Musico-Rhetorical Theory”

“The Sport of perfectionism: How Stereotypes in Media Perpetuate Unhealthy Expectations About Athletes”

“Go With Your Gut: An Evolutionary Approach to the Value of the Unconscious Mind in Decision Making”

“Using the History of Gender/Sex Discrimination in Medicine and Psychology to Explain the Lack of Awareness Surrounding Inattentive-Type ADHD in Women”

“Building Cities to Break Crime: Investigating the Link Between Our Urban Environment and the Criminal Impulse to Prevent Crime in a Utopian Way”

“Building for the Future: How Can Eco-Friendly Energy-Saving Methods in Buildings Be Used in Houston?”

“The Transition to and Scheme of Implementation of Sources of Renewable Energy to Combat Climate Change”

“Straightwashing: Why It Happens and the Effects”