Senior Thesis Presentations

As their final project at School of the Woods, the Woods High School Seniors (12th grade) present their Senior Thesis to the school community, their advisors, and their Senior Thesis Teacher.   

Below is a listing of their thesis titles, the name of the student, and the date and time of the presentation.  You are invited to attend these presentations.

The presentations take place in Woods High School.  

We ask that you arrive a few minutes prior to the start time and stay through the entire presentation.  Once the presentation starts, you will not be permitted to enter the room and you must stay until the end.

We hope you are able to attend and support the students while hearing about a topic that interests you.  This is a great way to learn about Woods High School and the Senior Thesis Program.

April 15, 2019

11:30-12:15 Vitaliy Williams

“The Therapeutic Value Drumming Has on Musicians”

4:15-5:00 Harrison Walz

“Capitalism: Is It a Dying System?”

April 16, 2019

11:30-12:15 Sophie Pink

What Languages Have to Tell Us: The Importance of Preserving Endangered Languages”

April 17, 2019

11:30-12:15 Hannah Froming

The Imaginary Cannibal: Using Cultural Relativity to Counter Ethnocentrism

4:15- 5:00 Sarah George

Why Mars is not Plan B: The Effects of Microgravity Environments on the Human Body”

April 18, 2019

11:30-12:15 Sydney Salvatierra

“Preying on the Vulnerable: the Psychology of Cult Leaders”

4:15- 5:00 Lily Pando

“Erasing the Stigma: Finding the Source of Our Generation’s Depressive Attitudes”

April 22, 2019

11:30-12:15 Ryan Gwinn

“Emotions In The Brain: What Causes Them and Why Do We Have Them?”

4:15-5:00 Jennifer Deden

“Taming the Wild: Positive Effects of Mustangs as Therapeutic Animals”

April 23, 2019

4:15–5:00 Avery Tomlinson

“Colors on the Mind: How We Can Use Color to Improve Our Lives”

April 24, 2019

11:30-12:15 Eleanor Spain

“A Broken System: Exploring America’s Troubling Recidivism Rates and Effective Solutions for Change”

4:15-5:00 Tessa Krauser

“Arguments for Legalization of Prostitution in America”

April 25, 2019

11:30-12:15 Mason Holt

“Safety or Stupidity: Has Car Safety Reached Its Peak?”

4:15- 5:00 Cameron Lewis

Formula One Technology: What It Is and How It Works”

April 29, 2019

11:30-12:15 Gavin Minor

Mending The Broken Heart: Why We Should Care More About Heart Disease”

4:15-5:00 Deia McGuire

“Nobody’s Perfect; Should We Just Work It? Drawing the Line Between Genetics and Eugenics”

April 30, 2019

4:15-5:00 Julie Martinez

“How Do Eating Disorders and Depression Relate?”

May 1, 2019

4:15-5:00 Martin Dolence

“In Fur-therance of First-hand Research: How the Anthropomorphic Community Benefits the Mind of the Individual”