Why Private Schools Ask for Money

It’s a fact of life that for most independent private schools, affordable tuition and fees do not cover the total cost of the education provided. Such is not the case at School of the Woods.

Our school is supremely proud that from the beginning, our founders and governing boards have always kept its costs of operation on firm financial footing without additional solicitations or fundraising programs.

But costs of operation do not include bricks and mortar – building new facilities and keeping older facilities optimally usable. Nor do they include providing funds for financial aid for deserving students.

Only in the early 1990s — when expansion of classroom space and its own building for Woods Middle School became imperative – did School of the Woods undertake its first campaign program to solicit capital funds.

We hope that all parents and friends of School of the Woods will consider supporting all fundraising avenues as best they can because all contribute to providing the best possible education and educational experience for students. All charitable gifts are tax deductible.