Where does your money go when you when you support School of the Woods?

  Tuition Acorn Fund Capital Gifts & Fundraising Events Community Events Flower Power & Product Sales Unrestricted Gifts
Purpose Tuition is the only source of operating revenue for the school. The Acorn Fund provides need based financial aid for tuition. Capital gifts are designated to a specific purpose, including new buildings and new equipment. Gifts may be used only for the designated purpose approved by the school. All-school events such as the Chili Cook-Off and Spring Splash provide an opportunity for the school commu- nity to come together for an afternoon of fun activities and socializing. Proceeds from the Flower Power and other product sales are evenly distributed and available for classroom teachers to purchase classroom materials. Product purchase is not required to participate; funds may be donated as gift to the classroom. General donations made to the school are considered unrestricted gifts and used as needed for operating purposes.
Time Frame Tuition is assessed annually. An appeal is made once a year and donations are accepted year- round. The Master Campus Plan requires support from ongoing capital fund-raising. The construction of a permanent home for the high school program and all school gymnasium was completed in February 2019. Annual events. Chili Cook-Off in the fall and Spring Splash in the spring. Flower Power sales occur in September and October with product delivery in December. Unrestricted gifts are accepted at any time.
Designation Areas Each tuition dollar is allocated as defined by a budget approved by the Board of Trustees; therefore it cannot be designated. Funds are specific to need based tuition support. Capital gifts are designated for a specific purpose by the school, such as the high school and gymnasium construction. Proceeds from the Community Events are used to fund parent events such as the Adult Social and Parent Education Events. Proceeds from the sales are designated for classroom materials chosen by the teachers. Unrestricted gifts are not designated to any specific area. The donor and the Head of School will discuss a specific project for the funds.
Solicitation Re-enrollment forms are mailed to families in February. An appeal letter is mailed to current families, alumni and alumni families. Solicitations are made through personal meetings, mailed solicita- tions and fundraising events. Solicitations are made through email requests, newsletters and school flyers. Event tickets do not cover the full cost of the event. Underwriting is needed to pay some of the costs and keep admission prices low. Flower Power packets are distributed to students through weekly distribu- tion process. Solicitations are made through person- al meeting with school leadership.
Method of Giving Tuition can be paid annually with a discount or monthly. Gifts to the Acorn Fund may be made by cash or check. Gifts may be made by cash, check, or stock transfer. Gifts to Community Events may be made by cash or check. Flower Power purchases may be made by cash or check. Gifts without a product purchase are made by cash or check. Gifts may be made by cash, check, or stock transfer.
Impact Funds the operations of the school. The Acorn Fund ensures that qualified students can remain at the school despite financial hardships Capital gifts have a significant im- pact on the school community. The school campus would not be what it is today without the past generous support of families who invested in the future of School of the Woods. Community Events fund the activities of the Parent Community such as the Adult Social, End-of-Year Breakfast and hospitality for Parent Education Events. Flower Power and product sales have a direct impact on the classrooms. Teachers may use the funds to purchase new materials for immediate use in the classroom. Unrestricted gifts can have a significant impact on improving school equipment and grounds or filling the gap when an unexpected expense arises.
Charitable Contribution No Yes Yes Yes Product purchase funds are not a charitable contribution. Donations without a product purchase are a charitable contribution. Yes