Woods High School Senior Thesis Presentations 2021

Senior Thesis is both a culmination and a commencement. It represents the culmination of our seniors’ work, giving students the opportunity to apply interdisciplinary knowledge to original research, which means that all that the students have learned and experienced will be brought to bear on their final paper. Senior Thesis is also a commencement, the start of work the students may continue in the years ahead. The goal of Senior Thesis is to afford students the opportunity to do lasting, meaningful work that they will continue to pursue at the university level.

The final paper is 20-40 pages in length and consists of two parts: a literature review that puts the students’ unique questions in the context of the history of thought and current research, followed by an original thesis, in which the students pose their own solution to the question they have been asking. In this process, students are reminded of library procedures, techniques of computer research, compiling references, and methods for finding, evaluating, and recording material.

Students become familiar with the major writers and works within their particular area of research. Students also work with experts in their field or subject of interest in the Senior Internship, which is closely coordinated with Senior Thesis to provide for one-on-one guidance with a mentor. As a final “examination” and celebration, students present their thesis to the school community.

Following are the titles of the 2020-2021 Senior Thesis Presentations:

“Flexible Working: Let’s Change the Way We Work”

“Questioning the Known: How T-Cell Therapy Offers a New Approach to Treating Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia”

“Government for the Future: Solving Service Delivery Issues in the City of Houston”

“The Future of Movement: Examining Competition Within the Sport of Parkour”

“The Mask You Wear: How Toxic Masculinity Affects the Growth of Young Adolescent Boys”

“Understanding Moral Development: The Missing Piece”

“How Black Lives Matter Has Been Affected by Misconceptions, Activism, and Social Platforms”

“Dousing the Fire from Inside the House: Investigating the Cultural Foundation of the American Criminal Justice System in Order to Create Sustainable Reform”

“How the Future of Advanced Technology Will Evolve Humans”

“Is AI a Positive or a Negative for Online Privacy?”

“Be Unexpected: Creating a Healthy Self Perception in Young Children Through the Usage of Childrens’ Illustration”

“Numbers Don’t Lie, But Reporters Might: Restoring the Reputation of American Political Polls”

“Back to Basics: The Exploration of Traditional Novel Substances as an Alternative to Modern Medicine:

“Weighing the Positives and Negatives of Religion”

“Treating the Abused Horse: Methods and Strategies for Addressing Horse Trauma and Abuse Rehabilitation”

“The Power of Music: How it Affects Our Brains and Our Bodies”

“Clinical Trials: Why We Need to Rely More on Human Testing”

“Cycles of Trauma: An Exploration of Domestic Violence in the South Asian Community Through the Lens of Generational Trauma”

“Why American Public High Schools Should Provide Effective Psychological Counseling for Anxiety and Depression for Their Students”