Volleyball Wrap-Up

Our volleyball program had 24 participants this year. Our JV squad, which was composed of both middle school and high school players, played a full schedule against both JV and some Varsity level schools. Many of our JV players are playing for the first time, and it is always exciting to see how the team progresses over the season. We start playing games soon after practice starts, so it is a crash course for many of the players. Every single player improved, and that is always the goal for this team. “The JV team had a great season with many role players and newcomers. The girls started the season undefeated, and continued to gain experience together, and built skills that improved throughout the season. I’m proud of the effort put into the season and I am looking forward to next season” says JV Coach Ashton Jones.

Our Varsity squad saw many changes this year. We had a large group of Seniors that worked really hard to bring the team together and supported the younger players. We were very balanced this year. In the beginning, it was all about figuring out who could help us the most in each position. Most of the girls that were on the starting line up were starters for the first time. We were fortunate enough to get many games in before district, so we were ready to be competitive once we got going. Our district was mixed up this year with all levels playing together. We beat all 1A and 2A schools and split with a large 3A school. This was our fifth district title in consecutive years. We ended the regular season with a third place seeding for the state tournament. We won our first game in the tournament and that put us in the semi-finals versus Boerne Area Christian Homeschoolers. We lost that game in four sets and were placed in the consolation game. We won that game versus Texas Christian to end our season with a 19-13-1 record.

I feel the biggest impact on our Varsity team was the leadership provided by the Seniors. This was a very unselfish class that always supported the younger players and themselves. I am thankful for strong leaders and the younger group of players that really stood out and have a bright future ahead. They have big shoes to fill, but I am confident they are ready to step up to the challenge. We are all thankful for the fans that came out to all of our games, and the noise they made to help elevate our play.

It was a season to remember and I am already looking forward to next year!

Go Wildcats!
Coach Amanda